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What we can observe on the Plato floor ?
Plato crater is not so flat as we believe: A banal question only ?
  • Images show in this page was captured by Astronomica Langrenus with 255mm F20 Maksutov Cassegrain telescope with camera IMAGING SOURCE DBK41AU02.AS - RAW color, resolution 1280 x 960, direct focusing, no filters and no Barlow lens. Average of 800/1000 frames. Exposure 2'13" x 1/9" at 7,5 fps - Video format and Codec Y800/RGB24, Gain 550. Videos was processed with Autostakkert 2.6.8 - Images was processed with Wavelet and Color Mixing filters of Registax.6, Photoshop.


Denomination of the small craters inside Plato

Here below: Comparison between image obtained on December 20, 2015 and a map on Lunar Orbiter image about small craters inside Plato



PLATO: A smooth and flat crater ? Observe and scroll down images here below taken on March 01, 2012 (phase 8,79 days) and July 22, 2013 (Full Moon)

I hope that it's not a banal question but in some my images of Plato there is a probable unusual detail. A comparison between images taken on March 01, 2012 at 17h39'UT (colongitude 12.9, 8.79 days of lunar phase) and July 22, 2013 at 20h35'UT (colongitude 89.4, Full Moon at 18h15'UT) reveal  an interesting detail in the floor of Plato between "B" and "D" small craters.

- Image A (March, 01, 2012 - 8.79 days of lunar phase): Inside Plato we can observe his floor partially illuminated and several long shadows of the mountains peakes located along the eastern wall. Between  the small craters and the west wall of Plato inside the area marked with blu lines is possible to perceive an oblong detail but with a very low contrast.

- Image B (March, 01, 2012 - 8.79 days of lunar phase): Processed the same previous image in negative, the floor of Plato reveal the detail with increased contrast and a more clear triangular shape.

- Image C (July 22, 2013 - Full Moon):  Observing this image is very interesting the detail named "X" marked with blu lines located in the same area of previous image but with a round different shape. This could be explaned with the different height of the sunlight in the lunar sky. However there is something in that area, I thing that it's not a digital artifact. About this image you can see a panoramic view and a closeup.

Image D - Comparison between images taken on 2012 and 2013: This is a very unusual detail inside both images. On Virtual Moon Atlas in the same area of Plato floor is located the dome named "Plato-3" with 30x40 km size. Last year I sent this question to BAA Lunar Section.

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